Modifications of my Drake Transceiver TR7 and Receiver R7 

Description of modifications to increase the output on 10m up to the nominal value of 100W:    TR-7 Full_output.pdf (0.7 MB)

Description of modifications to reduce the BFO-leakage:    TR-7 BFO_leakage.pdf (0.4 MB)

DAFC for TR-7, R-7 and RV7:    DAFC-deLuxe.pdf (englisch) (0,4 MB)    DAFC-deLuxe.pdf (deutsch) (0,4 MB)

Replacement of an old rubber-bushing in the PTO-gear for TR-7, R-7 and RV-7:    7-Line Rubber_Bushing.pdf (english) (0,1 MB)

Blue LED´s for TR-7, R-7 and RV7:    BlueLED_Drake.pdf (english) (1,0 MB)

New AMP-Connectors for the DR7:    DR7-AMP-Conn.pdf (english) (0,3 MB)

New Trim-Pots for the R7:    R7-Trim-Pots.pdf (english) (0,1 MB)

Inrushlimitation for the PS-7:    PS7-Inrush.pdf (english) (0,3 MB)

Interconnection-cable TR7 - R7:    TR7-R7-cable.pdf (english) (0,1 MB)

Modification of RX-Audio-Response for 7-Line:    7-Line-Audio-Mod.pdf (english) (0,6MB)

RX-Preamplifier for the TR7:     TR7-Preamp.pdf (english) (0,3 MB)

Illumination of the MN-7´s Tuner - scale:    MN4_MN7-Illumination (0,3 MB)

Unwanted PBT-Oszillation of the R7; Solution of problem:    
R7-PBT-Oszillation.pdf (english)

Modification of AGC "FAST" in the R7:   
R7-AGC_FAST.pdf (english)

Output for a Panoramaadapter in the R7:    
R7-Panorama-adapter.pdf (english)

Frequency scheme (Excel-sheets) for 7-line:        7-Line-Frequ_scheme_DL7MAJ.xls
(Calculates all internal oscillators for settable input- and PTO-frequencies)

External digital VFO for the R7:    Digital VFO for the R7 (english)
(Describes an external digital VFO based on a kit from SDR-Kits)

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